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Summer Flower Garden Tour

All those beautiful summer perennials are finally starting to emerge. Take a tour of some of mom’s gorgeous flowers from last summer including her dahlias, geraniums, lavender and more.

Close up views of two fully blooming yellow dahlias in the garden.

She shares her top four tips for keeping your flowers gloriously blooming all summer long. Also, explore more gardening inspiration from our fellow blogging friends!

Orange day lilies growing along the roadside near mom’s home

Our Favourite Summer Flowers

If you haven’t heard by now, mom has quite the green thumb. I’ve yet to see her touch a plant that doesn’t thrive. She insists that I’m better than her at growing African Violets – I’ll take it!

Although she grows every perennial imaginable on her acreage, her dahlias which she propagates year after year, are my favourite.

From small bushes, to towering stalks in all colours imaginable, the dahlias are truly a sight to see. And the fact that they bloom all throughout the summer and well into the early fall, also puts them high on my favourite list.

We’ll share a detailed post soon on how to propagate and care for dahlias specifically.

In the meantime, grab our printable floral greeting cards or our 2019 free printable calendar featuring images of a whole variety of flowers from mom’s garden!

Tips for Keeping Flowers Blooming All Summer

Mom keeps her geraniums indoors during the winter

I asked mom to share four tips for keeping the flowers looking great all summer. Note: we are in USDA Zone 6a.

Water, Water, Water

Clearly, as the weather gets hotter and drier, watering the plants on a regular basis is key. However, not all watering is created equal:

  • watering early in the morning is ideal. Many plants don’t like to stay wet overnight. Moreover, overnight moisture is more likely to result in fungus and attract pests such as slugs.
  • rather than a little water every day, consider one good soaking once a week (or more frequently if it’s really hot/dry). Overwatering and constant moisture in the soil can result in root rot of the plants.
  • whenever possible, avoid getting water on the foliage, but rather water the soil around the plants. If using a sprinkler, avoid mid-afternoon when the flowers are in direct sunlight.
Blue hydrangea


Giving the flowers a good start with a bit of fertilizer such as Miracle Grow or bone meal at the beginning of the growing season will set them up for strong growth. Also, the nutrients they consume from the soil needs to be replaced throughout the summer. Watering with Miracle Grow every 3-4 weeks will provide them with the food they need to keep blooming all summer.


One of my favourite gardening tasks is taking off the dead blooms, especially from the geraniums and dahlias. This is important to preserve the plant’s energy and promoting new flower growth. While there, also remove any dried or yellowing leaves to keep the plants healthy and strong.


It’s apparent that mom thrives in her garden. It may sound hoaky, but the plants seem to feed off of her energy. She loves to see the flower grow and takes enjoyment in all the aspects of gardening. She’s truly in her happy place in the morning with a cup of coffee in one hand and the watering hose in the other.

So no matter how large or small your flower garden is, enjoy it! There are so many benefits to gardening.

A small lavender bush

Do you have any tips to share with us? How do you keep your flowers looking their best all summer?

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Imtiaz Ahmed

Thursday 1st of August 2019

Oh! Beautiful Garden. This garden is helpful for mind recreation.

Farmhouse Style Terra Cotta Herb Garden -DIY · Just That Perfect Piece

Monday 17th of June 2019

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Michelle James

Wednesday 12th of June 2019

Wow! What a stunning flower garden!! Your photos are gorgeous as well. Hydrangeas are a favorite of mine, but these dahlias are amazing! So happy to be joining the tour with you!

Trina Welch

Monday 10th of June 2019

I am so stinking jealous of those Dahlias! I use to have two or three. They just quit coming back one year. I need to get me a few again. They are one of my very favorite. Wish y'all were close enough so I could visit your mom and get a start! Lovely!


Monday 10th of June 2019

Gorgeous - it seems your mom has quite the gardening gift! Dahlias are some of my favorites - this is my first year planting any and I hope they're as beautiful as hers!

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