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DIY Deli Tray

When it comes to easy appetizers for a crowd, preparing a delicious DIY deli tray with assorted meats and cheeses is about as easy as it gets.
Author: Jane and Sonja


  • Assorted cheeses wrapped baby bell cheese, white cheddar
  • Assorted deli meats Hungarian or German Summer Sausage; Sliced Turkey Breast; Kielbasa


Prepare the assorted deli meats

  • Fold the sliced Hungarian sausage in half and then fold again into quarters.
  • Loosely stack them around the perimeter of the tray.
  • Roll the sliced turkey breast lengthwise and then fold in half.
  • Place them around the tray along the inside edge of the Hungarian sausage.
  • Cut kielbasa into 1/4” thickness and then cut each piece in half.
  • Place the kielbasa pieces around the tray along the inside edge of the turkey breast.

Prepare the assorted cheese

  • Cut white cheddar cheese into ½” cubes. Place the cheddar in the center of the assorted meats.
  • Add Baby Bell cheese rounds on the sides and throughout.
  • Place toothpicks throughout for guests to pick up each serving of meat and cheese.